Published November 23, 2017

London, England


There is something invigorating about the arrival of Autumn. Our senses of smell, sight, and touch are heightened as the air shifts to cooler and crisper temperatures, the colors of a wooded forest reveal itself, and the sweet scent of earth coming into rest meets our nose. Through all of this we feel a different kind of being alive, and the desire to envelop ourselves with the comforts of a plentiful harvest, cozy surroundings, and loving company, increases.


Of all the seasons we pass through during a calendar year, Fall is the one which echos the strongest sentiments of change. Yet, it feels very nostalgic.

The fallen leaf is the most iconic image of this season of change. Once vigorous and green - the symbol of perhaps a verdant life – it is now withered, dried and bent out of it's 'expected' shape. And yet we celebrate this spell of time with walks in the country or mountains to witness this glorious passage. We pause in wonder at the sight of a golden or fiery tree in the garden. We delight in the rustle of walking through leaf laden pathways and take pleasure in a windy day as leaves swirl and dance around us.


Change. Transform. Metamorphose.


We all experience change in life to varying degrees, whether it’s something about ourselves or our circumstances. Internal or external. Whether it’s sought after, brought upon us, and at times, unwanted. But we always grow and learn from change, don’t we. In fact, maybe it's the only way we grow. 


Change is in a word, Life. And therefore beautiful in all it's forms if we so let it be. But beautiful doesn't make it easy. To embrace change is to embrace the unexpected and the unknown. And oft times that can be difficult. But difficult we can do. We were created not to remain stagnant, but to change - over and over again. A continuous cycle.

And so that fallen leaf is hopeful. And rather than seeing the abscission as a sign of weakness, maybe it is actually a signal of strength and a beckon to change, because we can, and for the better.


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