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Published December 1, 2017

Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA


Walking along the saline shores I wander into state of reverie is affixed on the distant horizon line where water and mountain meet the galaxy.

No. 19
No. 54

I can feel the expansiveness of space as it passes through me, and though I appear alone an anchoring peace strides alongside.   

No. 84

There is no skull around my mind out here – there are no walls around my heart. My thoughts and feelings are free to morph and fluidly expand, to witness what they are with no conclusion, to move and flow as the water and sand do.

No. 96
No. 212

At times a quiet stillness abides – the kind which is mystical yet calm. The water becomes a mirror to the sky and to myself, the atmosphere my healing balm.  

No. 278

Other times, on a more rare occasion, the wind is fierce and waves whip almost violently. Froth gathers on the waters' edge and sand blasts across the surface in surges.

But even as my hair is vehemently lashing about my face, the steady impression of a beautiful otherworldliness remains.

No. 274

And so it is when I come to this great salt lake in the desert basin. It's a curios landscape for a curious mind, and I find myself brought into a trance each time by the oasis that this place is for the subconscious. For it's an elemental world, and we are created from the same.

No. 332

May it be that when I come out to the lake, I am seeing myself more simply?


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