Published May 9, 2018

Oxford, England


All the closed doors and the closing of doors these past few months...of these past few years.


The shadows and silence they cast left me ever more so in the dark. Nothing seemed to notice me in my exasperation.




This beautiful door of many hearts opened, and invited me in to belong for a time.



Chances. Opportunities. Risks. 

Dreams...known and unknown.


I couldn't have know, I couldn't have planned, and I couldn't have even hoped. The door waiting for me was unseeable and unexpected.


It came as a flash, a bit abrupt, and I was taken away to a distant land where calmness of mind and purpose dwelt.


Adventures were had, paths were explored, and other curious doors began to open.


Now, closing doors, as difficult as they may be, don't seem so daunting or punishing. But rather, guiding. 

And all the doors in front of me are possibilities.

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