The Kaleidoscope Wellness Garden: A Shifting Perspective
We all pass through dark days. These are heavy experiences which challenge us and our loved ones. Those who suffer from illness, specifically cancer, know the grief of uncertainty and the daily fight for life, both for themselves and their families.
It is when we are in darkness that we seek light and understanding. Many times our perspective starts to shift or refocus and life-lessons are learned. Like a kaleidoscope, being surrounded by darkness, when we direct ourselves towards the light while shifting our perspective to what matters most in life, then can our vision be filled with wonderful colours and patterns.
The Kaleidoscope Wellness Garden is a unique space which will embrace patients and visitors with colour, light and life. It inspires a joyous, wondrous, and reflective atmosphere which prompts us to feel the beauty and happiness of living. It will be a safe place for contemplation and conversation and where one will be reminded of the goodness of the Earth through seasonal plantings.